Advanced Placement Psychology

Dear Satinder Hawkins,

The College Board is pleased to announce that your Psychology course is authorized to use the "AP®" designation for the 2007-08 academic year. The College Board applauds and recognizes your efforts to provide your students with the academic rigor and college-level experience that is the promise of AP. I thank you for the time and effort you put into participating in the AP Course Audit.

What Does Authorization Mean?
The authorization of your course is an official recognition by the College Board that your course meets or exceeds the expectations colleges and universities have for your AP subject. Your syllabus was reviewed by experienced college and university faculty, who have confirmed that it outlines how your course provides a college-level learning opportunity to students. This authorization grants your school permission to use the "AP" designation on students' transcripts in association with the authorized course. In addition, your course will appear in a publicly-available ledger to be published on the Web in November 2007.

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Agendas and Homework Fall Semester

Agendas and Homework Spring Semester

The AP Psychology Test is Tuesday, May 13, 2008

David Myers Psychology 7E

Chapter 1: Thinking Critically

Chapter 1 Thinking Critically Powerpoint


Chapter 2: Neuroscience and Behavior

Chapter 2 Brain Powerpoint


Chapter 3:Nature & Nurture of Behavior

Chapter 3 Nature Nurture Powerpoint


Chapter 4: The Developing Person

Chapter 4 Development Powerpoint

Chapter 5: Sensation

Chapter 5 Sensation Powerpoint

Chapter 6: Perception

Chapter 6 Perception Powerpoint

Chapter 7: States of Consciousness

Chapter 7 Consciousness Power Point

Their Drugs of Choice (LA Times article)

Chapter 8: Learning

Chapter 8 Learning Powerpoint

Chapter 9: Memory

Chapter 9 Memory Powerpoint

Chapter 10: Thinking and Language

Chapter 10 Thinking and Language Powerpoint

Chapter 11: Intelligence

Chapter 11 Intelligence Powerpoint

Chapter 12: Motivation and Work

Chapter 12 Motivation Powerpoint

LA Times Article on Alfred Kinsey

Chapter 13: Emotion

Chapter 13 Emotion Powerpoint

Chapter 14: Stress and Health

Chapter 14 Stress Powerpoint

Chapter 15: Personality

Chapter 15 Personality Powerpoint

Chapter 16: Psychological Disorders

Chapter 16 Disorders Powerpoint

Chapter 17: Therapy

Chapter 17 Therapy Powerpoint

Chapter 18: Social Psychology

Chapter 18 Social Psychology Powerpoint