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U.S. Citizenship Class
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This course is designed for students to learn the basic knowledge of U.S. Government, history, civics, reading, and writing skills and to prepare for and pass the USCIS Citizenship Exam. Language functions and language forms are integrated into listening, reading, writing, and speaking activities, all designed to improve student ability to take and pass the USCIS exam.


Through lectures, individual and pair/group participation, the student is exposed to the language needed to prepare for the reading, writing, and interview portion of the USCIS exam.


The primary goals of this course are to develop student ability to:

A. Listen and follow oral directions

B. Answer questions regarding information on the citizenship application

C. Read and discuss related materials and the significance to their lives

D. Participate in group activities and experience the decision-making process

E. Write sentences with minimal errors and self-correct

F. Learn about the basic components of our government, history, and civic responsibilities

G. Acquire self-confidence


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