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LBUSD Shines in National Comparison


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LBUSD Shines in National Comparison

A recent report from The Broad Foundation shows Long Beach is one of a few large school districts nationwide that are outperforming their states.

The report says that Long Beach is among an even more select group of school systems that are:

• Better at serving African-American students;

• Better at serving Hispanic students;

• Better at serving low-income students.

The report, which is the first Broad Prize "data brief," says Long Beach is succeeding because:

• Teachers use a common, core pedagogy that outlines specific expectations and instructional requirements and encourages higher-order thinking;

• Teachers receive regular objective feedback from classroom walk-throughs that are aligned to school and district goals;

• Student achievement goals drive recruitment, selection, hiring and placement of staff;

• The school district undergoes continuous improvement that is fueled by extensive student data analysis and comprehensive evaluation of progress;

• The school district keeps the community engaged and involved;

• Students have extensive school choice and individualized learning opportunities (about 40 percent of students attend an out-of-boundary school).

Click here for the full report.

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