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Curriculum: Service Learning

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Modifications to the LBUSD Service Learning Graduation Requirement

The LBUSD Service Learning 40 hour graduation requirement has been dropped for students entering high school during the 2011-2012 year (Class of 2015). Under the new wording, the district has designated courses that will embed the service teaching strategy.  True “Service Learning” is focused on the rich experiences that can enhance a course or cross curricular projects within the thematic Small Learning Communities.

Therefore, we need to make clear to the 8th graders, the new freshman (Class of 2015), that they no longer will be collecting hours to turn in to their new high schools as current students are doing.  They will get their service experience in their SLC or through designated courses.   This may be confusing for some students with siblings already in high school - who will still fall under the old 40 hour requirement. (Classes 2011-2014)
All current high school students (the Classes of 2011-14), will still fall under the 40 hour graduation requirement and will be allowed to earn any service awards they had the goal of attaining.  These students will be asked and are encouraged to complete the “40 hour” requirement by May 2012, while we still have SL Coaches at the sites to enter these hours.  (After that time an announcement will inform students turning in “extra” hours for awards - the procedure at their site.)  

Our students have done amazing work in our Community.  We look forward to more of the same but with the teacher facilitating these experiences and tying it back to their student’s coursework.

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