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Course Outlines / Descriptions

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Middle School Technology - Course Descriptions

Exploring Computers

This course is an exploratory course to learn the basics of keyboarding, information literacy, word- processing, excel, and multi-media. Students will also learn about internet safety, cyberbullying and social, legal and ethical issues related to use of technology, including acceptable use and copyright.

Introduction to Computers 6-8

Students taking this elective will be introduced to various basic computer skills. They will learn how to use and understand basic computer related terms, identify basic computer hardware components and peripheral devices, i.e. keyboard, mouse, printer, CD-ROM. Students will also be introduced to basic word-processing skills which will include correct use of the keyboard and will have the opportunity to practice on a daily basis. Students will be introduced to spreadsheet skills and will create simple multi-media presentations. Correct terminology related to hardware, software and applications will be introduced and reinforced throughout the semester. This course will prepare students for Intermediate level technology courses in middle school. They will understand the legal, social and ethical issues related to the use of computers in our daily life.

Intermediate Computers 6-8

This elective will build on previously learned computer skills. Skills learned in Introduction to Computers will be reinforced and the next level of skills will be introduced including database skills and the development of spreadsheets. Students will continue to practice word-processing skills through the semester and will improve their speed and accuracy. Students will use appropriate terminology related to hardware and software throughout the semester. Students will apply technology skills to conduct research and complete core curriculum projects. They will continue to deal with legal, social and ethical issues related to the use of computers in our daily life. This course will prepare students for the advanced level of technology in middle school.

Advanced Computers 6-8

This elective will build on proficiencies acquired in the Intermediate Computer course. Students will integrate previously learned tools, i.e. word processing, multi-media, spreadsheet and database, into a cumulative Web design project. Students will create their own web page, which will showcase their proficiencies. Students will use appropriate technology skills to conduct research and complete core curriculum projects, e.g. historical research, scientific and math investigations, and language arts writing projects. Emphasis on desktop publishing will provide additional opportunities for students to demonstrate application of skills previously learned. Legal, social and ethical issues related to the use of computers in our daily life will continue to be reinforced.

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High School Technology - Course Descriptions

Computer Courses

Computer Applications 1

This course is designed to bring students to a basic level of proficiency in applying computer technology in the educational setting. Emphasis will be placed on file-management and appropriate technology use in a network environment. Students will be introduced to fundamental computer concepts, beginning keyboarding skills, word-processing, multi-media presentations, Internet applications and spreadsheets. Special attention will be devoted to legal issues, copyright law, and safetyApplication of technology in the workplace will be emphasized.

Computer Applications 2

This course provides additional computer experience for students who have been introduced to basic computer literacy skills. Students will problem-solve and create word processing documents, spreadsheets and databases. They will become familiar with digital media and digital publishing as well as software to create graphic presentations incorporating all phases of their learning. This presentation will be related to an occupational application of choice.


Computer Programming 1-2

This course is designed to enable students to develop skills in the use of the computer and peripheral equipment by using the computer as a tool to enhance the study of mathematics. It increases the occupational opportunities for students who have mathematical ability but who may not be majoring in mathematics. It includes a study of programming techniques, computer languages, and computer applications.

Computer Programming 3-4

This course will provide an introduction to the C++ language. The course covers the programming methodology with an emphasis on problem solving, algorithm development, data structures and typical C++ applications.

Computer Science AP A

The content of Computer Science A emphasizes object oriented programming methodology with an emphasis on problem solving and algorithm development. It is the equivalent of a college level semester course in Computer Science. It also covers the study of data structures, design and abstraction. The course emphasizes the design issues that make programs understandable, adaptable and reusable.


World Wide Web - Publishing 1

This course offers students the opportunity to develop computer skills that will enable them to be productive citizens in the Information Age. Students will be challenged to synthesize web pages that present data and multimedia on the web. As a Junior or Senior project, students will collaborate in the creation of web sites that will improve educational content on the web. Careers in web design and publishing will be explored as part of the coursework.

World Wide Web - Publishing 2

This course offers students the opportunity to enhance the web publishing skills learned in World Wide Publishing. Students will learn scripting, advanced web technologies, interactive databases as well as vector graphics and animation. Careers in web design and publishing will be explored as part of the coursework.

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Business Courses

Accounting 1-2

Accounting 1-2 provides a general view of the accounting field. Practice is provided in recording business ransactions in a variety of small business organization situations. Emphasis is placed on a single proprietorship. Accounting 2 is practical application of the fundamental bookkeeping andaccounting principles studied during the first semester.Practice is provided in keeping complete sets of books; journals, ledgers, work sheets, and financial statements are included. Transactions using papers commonly found in business offices are recorded in practice sets. The course covers control accounts and financial papers (work sheets, balance sheets, income statements).

International Marketing

This introduction to the world marketplace provides students with a global view of international commerce including job and career opportunities, marketing concepts and the local international business community. Students will study the free enterprise system entrepreneurship, personal and time management, motivation and leadership development. Trips to the Port of Long Beach and the harbor are included.

Sales and Marketing 1-2, 3-4

This course, taken along with Sales and Marketing Cooperative, is designed to develop special skills in advertising services, apparel and accessories, finance and credit, food marketing and services, merchandising, petroleum marketing, real estate, and starting your own business. It is also helpful for college-bound students who may have an occupational interest in marketing or merchandising.

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