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Curriculum: Mathematics

Curriculum: Mathematics - Image
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Assessment: Basic Math Facts

Test Purpose

Mastery of the basic facts is critical to students' success in mathematics. Students must pass the High School Exit Exam where the use of calculators is not permited.

Test Description

Basic Facts test will be given throughout the year and the highest duplicated score for each operation will be recorded. Students must meet the percent correct and the amount of time allowed for each category.

Link to Integer Facts Tests

Tests - New for 2014


Mathematics Performance Standard Criteria
Grade 2-5 Basic Facts (70 items)

Minimal 1
Partial 2
Adequate 3
Thorough 4
<63 correct
63 - 64 correct Completed <=15 mins
65 - 67 correct Completed <=10 mins
68 - 70 correct Completed <=5 mins




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