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Digital Imaging

Generally, the school or department supplies the content. Limited copies are made for a small fee. For larger quantities, we will help you find a facility. When requested, OMS can create, from conception to completion, an original CD project.

Multimedia Presentation

OMS can help you produce a variety of multimedia presentations for PCs and Macs. These presentations can range from simple PowerPoint, where the presenter controls the advancement of slides "live", or the program can be self-contained with automatic advancement of slides, as in a kiosk or unmanned computer. OMS can provide additional graphics, either stock or original, for your presentation. The final product can be distributed via CD or the Internet.

Document Conversion

OMS can convert your word processing, spreadsheet documents, or image files to formats that can be viewed in universal image/file formats for easier and controlled electronic or physical media distribution. We can convert to HTML, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), JPEG, GIF, PSD. We can take a Microsoft Word document and convert it to Adobe Acrobat so others can view it in the format you envision or by users who do not have Microsoft Word.

For example, let's say that a superintendent from back East calls you up and wants a copy of a flyer you have produced but he/she doesn't have the software application you used to create your original document. OMS can help you respond to this request by converting your document so that it can be viewed on either a PC or Mac computer. The document will have the same layout and formatting as the original flyer.

Media Conversion

Short videos, audio files, or animations can be extracted from your video tape presentation or created and converted to QuickTime for Web streaming for distribution on CD or DVD. (Approval from Information Services is required prior to loading your streaming media to LBUSD web servers.)


Federal law requires that any copyrighted material submitted for inclusion in CD, Powerpoint, VHS, or DVD must have releases.