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The Deputy Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the oversight of multiple departments and the system wide alignment of major initiatives in the district. The Deputy Superintendent of Schools' departmental oversight includes: Leadership Development, Child Development Centers and Head Start. The Deputy Superintendent of Schools' leadership of K-12 district initiatives includes: administrator evaluation processes, Common Core State Standards School Implementation and the Wallace Foundation Principal Supervisor Initiative, which includes considerable interaction with the Office of Elementary Schools, Office of Secondary Schools, Human Resource Services and the Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development. In addition, the Deputy Superintendent of Schools interacts with all district departments as a means of ensuring a culture of collaboration, alignment and continuous improvement in service to the district's students and employees.

Deputy Superintendent of Schools - Administration

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(562) 997-8465
(562) 997-8282 Fax
Deputy Superintendent of Schools

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Deputy Superintendent of Schools - Staff

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(562) 997-8330 Assistant Director
Principal Supervisor Initiative

(562) 997-8465 Senior Executive Secretary

(562) 997-8328 Intermediate Office Assistant

  Deputy Superintendent of Schools - Organization Chart

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Department Address
1515 Hughes Way
4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90810

Department Phone
(562) 997-8328