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Curriculum - Instructional Technology - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility...

(562) 997-8169
562-997-8301 Fax
Program Administrator

Curriculum - Instructional Technology - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 997-8000 x.2900 Program Specialist, myPD

(562) 997-8120 Program Specialist, myPD

(562) 997-8309
(562) 427-0076 Fax
Educational Technology Coordinator

(562) 997-8084
(562) 427-9076 Fax
Instructional Technology Coach

(562) 997-8079
(562) 427-9076 Fax
Instructional Technology Coach

(562) 997-8631 Instructional Technology Coach

(562) 997-8628 Instructional Technology Coach

(562) 997-8031 Administrative Secretary

Technology Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Curriculum Office is to support the effective use of instructional technology in the district. We are a service-oriented department that builds the capacity of administrators, teachers and support personnel by providing technology-based instructional resources, curriculum support and professional development. We address data-driven needs, the superintendent's goals, and research-based best practices through collaboration, communication and reflection among all stakeholders including district personnel, institutes of higher-education, and our community.     

Technology Vision Statement

Every teacher enhances instruction by thoughtfully integrating technology into content and pedagogy to deepen student learning and foster 21st century global citizens.